On Top of The World (A Life's Education Through Travel & Adventure)

When I stood at the base of Mt. Everest in October of 2017, it was the recognition just how far my life on earth had come. At that one moment I appreciated having a career that has allowed me to visit 5 of the 7 continents, and experience some of the world’s greatest adventures. In those last few steps to the pinnacle of Mt. Everest it was like I was downloaded with a tremendous knowledge of how different the world is from my own every day life. From then on things would change. On Top of The World is a look back at over 30+ years of travel and adventures. Each adventure holds its own specific meaning, along with some important life lesson. This book is an enjoyable read and lets you travel the globe with stops in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You will walk in the footsteps of the author, and experience the key moments in time that may leave you wondering – and leave you considering - what if?

Where U At?

A detailed accounting of 5 core and critical areas of life as seen through the eyes of the author.   It's difficult to know how to get to the next level without an understanding of where you are in life and in business at any given time.   By analyzing in detail the foundational dimensions of Spirituality, Politics, Physical Fitness, Emotional Well-being, and Financial happiness, the author seeks to help the reader determine what level of life performance they see themselves at, which enables them to re-calibrate plans, redirect resources and redesign strategies for achieving their business and life goals.    If you're uniquely honest, no one knows themselves better!   Using his own life experiences as a guide, Paul will peel away all the good excuses, unavoidable reasons and pitfalls life brings along the way.  Use this book as your life guide, and reflect how these 5 are core, and what criteria he uses to determine his definition of success.  Each area will include a dimension assessment, and a list of takeaway questions for the reader to assess their own levels of success in these categories.

Everyone’s Entitled to My Opinion

An introspective look at today’s world through one man’s eyes. A quick and enjoyable collection of perspectives proves that you can take the person out of Pittsburgh, but you cannot take the Pittsburgh out of the person! Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always thought provoking, no topic is off limits for author, Paul Foster. The reader is taken through a series of short articles and commentaries that highlight society’s current issues. Topics ranging from Entertainment to Sports, and Politics to Self Reflection, there is no shortage of discussion items or author opinions. By tackling such topics as death, divorce, and greed, the reader is left to consider both sides of the coin and different perspectives – all from a Pittsburgh, blue collar perspective. Enjoyable and witty and many times controversial you’ll be left thinking about what really matters and contemplating how and why you really think about many issues.