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August 12, 2018
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I’ll (Movie) Pass on Netflix

You would be hard pressed to think of a day where someone you know doesn’t comment on or talk about binge watching on Netflix. I often wondered how people could spend that much time watching television, even knowing that Netflix streaming is very easy to do. Everyone has their own form of relaxation, and certainly television is it for many people. As I seem to have this problem where I continue to get older, I find myself wanting to be more active as I age, not less active. So how does one stay somewhat active, and perhaps still enjoy entertainment playing in front of you on a screen? The answer for me came in the form of Movie Pass. Now aside from the recent meltdown that has been in the news about Movie Pass, I found it to be one of the best values I have taken advantage of in a very long time. Prior to this year, I guess I would classify my movie habits as blockbuster, and fringe, meaning like most people I will check out a block buster, and the occasional unique style of movie that perhaps encompasses politics or history. With the cost of a traditional movie night becoming quite expensive, especially if you share my love of popcorn, it was simply too cost prohibitive to perhaps see a movie that you “might” like. So often, those “iffy” movies would go unseen and my hard earned dollars would be saved for the sure things.


Back in February, a friend told me about Movie Pass, and how he felt it was a great deal if you like movies. At the time I didn’t classify myself as someone who liked movies, but I would see my fair share. I looked into the program, and discovered that for $7.95 a month, I could “technically” see one movie per day with no restrictions. After reading the fine print, I decided to give it a try. I decided to pay for a whole year at the $7.95 a month price, so for a total of $115.00, I was locked into the program for a year, and was protected from any price increases. Prior to this, if I averaged 2 movies a month, that was pretty busy for me, so I wasn’t sure how I would fair with movies on an everyday potential. Since I started the program in February, I have seen 33 movies this year. Some very good ones, some not so good ones, and a few that I flat out up and left before the end. Because of the wide variety, I have chosen to see movies that I probably would not have selected if I was paying the standard prices, and in most cases, have been pleasantly surprised with my impression of them. Because I paid my year subscription upfront, I have avoided a lot of the changes in the Movie Pass policy that they have employed with recent financial problems. There is no doubt that they built the business model much like a health club scenario, where they counted on people subscribing and not using the service that much. Their estimate is that people probably see a movie about 3 times a month, but that has not turned out to be true, and they have found that people are going to the movies more frequently than that. I have been averaging about 8 movies a month, and sometimes see 3 movies in one week. That may not be the norm, but there are some movies I still choose not to see even though it costs me nothing to go and see them.

Having seen a large number of movies this year, I thought I would list some, and offer a short opinion on each one, in case you haven’t had the opportunity to see it. Some may still be in theaters, many are probably headed to, or already on video. The listing is from most recent to oldest.


Crazy Rich Asians

A funny movie with a good story using an all Asian cast. If stereotypes offend you, stay home, and miss a good movie. A few surprise cameos in this one.

Black k Klansman

A worthwhile movie with some funny scenes, and also plenty of Spike Lee political inferences. Can’t have a Spike Lee movie that just entertains, have to have his social commentary as well.

Death of A Nation

This is a Dinesh D’souza movie with of course a conservative slant, but filled with interesting facts. The ending was a bit weird, but a good movie if you like to get news from somewhere other than television.

Mission Impossible (Fallout)

Never been a Tom Cruise fan, but this is a darn good movie with many plot twists and actions. Plus, you do not have to have seen all the previous MI’s to understand what is going on in this movie.

The Equalizer 2

A decent Denzel Washington movie, with more on story line than adventure. The first one was better, which is often he case with sequels.

Dark Web

A very different movie style that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and makes you wonder who is seeing all your information on the web.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Strictly Pittsburgh only. Yes we all grew up with Mr. Rogers, but this movie holds an extra sentimental value for Pittsburgh residents. Some of the footage of 1970’s Pittsburgh was cool e.g the old PAT buses.

Sicario (Day of the Soldado)

Great movie and well worth seeing on screen or DVD

Oceans 8

Tired theme, but a few curious twists

Action Point


Deadpool 2

Has the distinction of being the first movie I have ever walked out of

The Snowman Trek

A documentary movie about trekking in the Himalayas which is of personal interest to me.

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  1. ELAINE EDDER says:

    Thanks for the movie info, Bob and I might go to the movies 1-2 times per year due to the cost and the “what if” factor. We usually wait for a movie to come out in Red box or we watch it on Netflix. I absolutely love Netflix, it really gives you so many choices and all of us have gotten so see some pretty awesome shows, movies and series we may never of ended up viewing. Binge watching, I think is more about when you have time to watch Netflix, you watch the show/series you’re interested in until the series is finished. That may include watching anywhere from 1-3 episodes in one sitting, but most people only have time to maybe watch 2 back to back episodes at a time. If it’s a rainy I’m not going to anything day, then you can catch up on one season of something pretty quickly. Keep on reviewing and passing the info onto us, I love it!

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