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August 31, 2018
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Me(me) Too Movement

Since we never seem to have a shortage of topics to talk about, I decide to go with a light hearted theme, but add a little social fabric, and of course an opinion in as well. None of us can start our day without hearing about some new protest, followed by a plethora of Social Media meme’s to illustrate the point. Some of them I find funny, some I think have a good message, some I think are pretty dumb, and some are designed just to piss people off. I won’t list my feelings about any given one, because they are just that, my feelings. Other people will have a different take on the topic, and while many people have seem to have forgotten, we are allowed to have different opinions about different topics. Meme’s actually have developed a creative culture of their own, and some have become down right popular having gone viral in the instant gratification age. I have made use of meme’s as a way of promoting my books, and generate the use of humor in an effort to lighten everyone else’s daily load. Somewhere along the turn of the century, we seem to have lost our sense of humor, for the more noble pursuit being right! The problem I see with meme’s is that we take them personally if they don’t fit the narrative we espouse. That defeats the whole purpose as the original intent of a meme is not to educate, but to be funny. I will say that I take the message of a meme more seriously if the person who shares it, adds a bit of their own commentary to further highlight the message. The social media frenzy seems to have mastered the art of the “share” but can’t come to terms with typing a few additional words to make that post their own. Whatever the reason, I have identified a few meme’s that I wanted to focus this topic on.

In-N-Out Burger Boycott

In what is probably one of the most ill conceived, and typical political responses of the increasing lunacy known as California politics, the leader of the Democratic party of California called for a boycott of In-N-Out burger last week. The companies crime was a donation of 25,000 dollars to the Republican Party of California. Never mind the company has for years donated money to both parties and candidates that support a pro business platform, in 2018, donating to the Republican party is simply not allowed. While California has gone off the deep end in too many ways to count, it appears that we draw the line at the home grown burger company. Not only was the boycott canceled because of its ridiculousness, the company experienced a huge swell in customers as people flocked to buy a burger just because some idiot told us not to! In-N-Out is California. The company pays the highest wages of any fast food restaurants, all the stores are consistently clean, and there is never a shortage of staff working. They will be serving burgers long after Eric Baumann is eating crow.

Nike’s New Ad

Nike has decided to create a series of new ads of “Just Do It” by using FORMER NFL player Colin Kaepernick as the face of the ad. The message of the Ad is that it is important to stand up for a cause even if you have to sacrifice everything. That message in its generic form sounds ok, but we all know what message Kaepernick has been standing up for. Whether or not you support his and other players stance on the National Anthem issue, there is one thing that is secure, actions have consequences. Nike’s action to use the controversial figure in its new add may delight some people, but turn off others. There are now movements to boycott Nike and their products. Kaepernick certainly has the right to his protest, just as people have the right to no longer support businesses. It is what a free country does everyday of its existence. The argument of it being a free speech issue is absurd, because the 1st Amendment has NOTHING to do with private business entities, and what you do on their time. Free speech is a protection against GOVERNMENT intrusion on your liberty, not the NFL. The majority of these boycotts tend to fail from their desired objective, but it will be interesting to see if the Nike boycott gains momentum, just how willing they will be to sacrifice everything.


Le’Veon Bell


There is probably no greater concern facing the world today than if Le’Veon Bell will report to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bell who at the moment, has chosen not to sign his one year contract that would pay him 14.5 million dollars. That is more than any other player in the league at his position is making this year. A player has the right to ask for as much money as they want, just as the ownership has the right to pay whatever they want. I think most people would agree that salaries in all professional sports have gotten way beyond excessive, and in many cases, the people who support professional sports (the fans) have been turned off. In a world where we fight about inequality and poverty, while watching a guy sign a contract that pays him 60 million for signing his name, it makes you wonder, what really are our values? I do not begrudge any player from negotiating the best deal he can, nor will I condemn an organization for not paying one player an excessive amount of money. Professional sports are a team game, and every team has many members that all make different amounts of money. You win as a team, and you lose as a team, but you are paid as an individual. If Bell does not report, then this incredible thing will happen on Sunday, football will be played. If he does report, the same thing will happen. Perhaps Bell should watch the new Kaepernick Ad and see if he is actually sacrificing every thing.

It’s Back! Nuff Said.

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