New Year, New Book, New Challenges & New Adventures

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November 24, 2018
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May 17, 2019
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New Year, New Book, New Challenges & New Adventures

Having spent almost all of 2018 writing and publishing my new book, the number of articles I have written for the blog decreased exponentially. It was never my intention to step away from the blog to the level that I did, but I found myself spending so much publishing this new book, that something had to give. There are never a shortage of topics to write about, but true to my word from a year ago, I decided to stop writing about a lot of negativity in our world. I enjoy discussing politics, but we no longer discuss anything political, we shout, and criticize others, so I made sure to limit the topics of that nature. It is my goal to write more blog articles for 2019, but keep the focus on positive topics and adventures as I carry them out.

Having written and published my 3rd book in 2018, I wanted to do something much more grand than what I had done with the previous 2. Getting my feet wet with self publishing was fine, but this book was essentially 30 years in the making, and I wanted to make it special. Thus, I decided that I would go for a hardback book. It doesn’t really sound all that much different other than the cover right? Well, the reality is it is much more intensive to produce a hardback book and significantly more costly. Adding color pictures to the mix only increased the effort, but in order for the book to come alive, it was an option I would not give in on, and the end result bears the fruit of that out. Inevitably the question for me always is “what’s next”, and while I do have an idea for a new book, I am going to take about 6 months from writing anything new, and have a projected timeline of 2020 for the next book.

2018 also saw significant challenges for me on the career front. Starting the year with a layoff of a job I was at for 5 years, transitioning into an opportunity that had a tremendous amount of promise, but failed to deliver after 5 months. From there I tried my hand at Substitute Teaching to make ends meet, until I finally landed a role at what I do best in December. It is this new role that I carry in to 2019, with considerable promise, and the opportunity to perhaps relocate into a climate that is better suited for me. The teaching experience was a very rewarding endeavor, and enjoyed imparting knowledge to kids, however, it could only remain a part time career unless I decided to return to school and invest in a series of credentials. The school part didn’t concern me so much as the ROI on such a late career change. Even though I am now in a good situation, I have no doubt that 2019 will provide its share of challenges, and how I handle those will be the real test.


As for the adventures that lie ahead, I have started to plan for a new trip later in 2019, and while I won’t divulge exactly what it is just yet, I will say that continent number 6 is part of it. The trip was something I was initially planning for 2018, but with the change in jobs and the uncertainty, I had to postpone my goal. One adventure is the possibility of picking up stakes from California and relocating to a new state. This could possibly fall under that category of challenges as well adventures giving I have lived in SoCal for 32 years. I would urge each of you to map out your own adventures for the year, and stick to them. My first adventure for 2019 starts next week end in the mountains of Utah, where I plan to find a little Solitude, literally and figuratively.

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There is a quote I recently saw, and while I think the quote is true, it will be my goal to change it, and hopefully yours too!

“When it is all said and done, there will be more said than done”

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