Sharing is Caring

Why The Hell Didn’t He Go To Moscow
September 27, 2019
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Sharing is Caring

As I put the final touches to my latest trip, I realized that I had not shared some of the photos and videos through this blog. I had shared out everything through Social Media, but did not include that information in my blog posts. Many of the followers of this blog are actual friends on Social Media sites as well, but I realized there are some followers of the blog, where I am not connected with them through standard social media. I also made a promise to my new Russian friend Evgeny, that I would share my positive experience about my trip to as many people as I could in hopes that others will follow my lead and visit Russia. I have shared this journey through pictures, through music, and through video, but there remains one more vehicle to share, and that is through words. As I mentioned in a previous article, I am going to include this trip in my most recent book as a second edition, thus taking all of my experience, and putting it into words.

Evgeny teaching me the fine art of the AK-47

There are many different forms of art, whether it be painting, sculpture, drawing, and many others. What I have discovered is that my art is writing. I have long used words to paint pictures of my life, and life in general, using a pen instead of a brush. There are many different ways to tell a story, and I have tried to tell this story in several different formats. Hopefully, one of these formats will appeal to you, and you will be able to at least feel some of the joy I felt, as I experienced this new adventure:

St. Petersburg at night

Here are the links

To view all of the photographs taken:

To view the top photographs taken and applied to music:!Aj0YsJcpikCXgbQI85ZgIXdBTUP5dg

To view the live video of the entire trip:

A live video series

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